Hello, I'm Noah.

I connect people, break down barriers, and make the complicated easier. I do this by being a translator.

I translate system models into human ones. I take technical things and describe them as familiar ones. I find real-world experiences and discern how to make them virtual. I take projects and services and find clever ways to make them connect.

I do this by understanding and embracing how things work behind the scenes, by not forcing them into roles but by finding their potentials. For people, I do this through interviews, research, inquiries and intuition. For systems, I do this through audits, analysis, business plans and market opportunities. I take how these things truly work and find ways to make them work together in harmony.

I've been helping people with websites since they first got access to lynx. Since 1996, I've worked at pioneering digital agencies, a Webby Award winning media startup, and one of the top global advertising networks around. I've designed mobile web and native apps experiences. Customer account management and corporate intranet portals. Magazine-like content experiences and rich streaming media experiences. I have a patent or two with my name on it. I've been a featured curator on Flipboard. Heck, I've even played at CBGB's. It's all covered. Take a look at some of my work and I'll be happy to tell you about the rest.